CoinPayments Ecommerce Integration Guide

eCommerce Integration Made Easy So you’ve decided to embrace cryptocurrency and start accepting crypto payments in your business? Congratulations on taking the first step towards lower fees, less fraud and faster payments! To help you out, we have created a simple and free step-by-step guide to help get your business all set up to start accepting cryptocurrency payments using the CoinPayments payment gateway, which lets you receive over 120 cryptocurrencies as payment at your store.  The guide is broken up into different sections depending on how you want to integrate…

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CoinPayments and Verified Investing Education Partner to Enable Crypto Payments for Master Trading Courses


Crypto payments adoption is growing fast and globally, especially after the pandemic. Likewise, two industries have experienced exponential growth in recent years: e-learning and trading. At CoinPayments, we are delighted to support both sectors simultaneously thanks to our latest partnership. Today we announce that our crypto payment gateway has been integrated by Verified Investing Education, one of the best educational platforms for stock and cryptocurrency trading. Now, users can learn how to become winning traders with Verified Investing Education’s first-class trading courses and then pay for those courses with cryptocurrencies.…

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Crowdfunding Businesses Can Now Raise Funds With Bitcoin Thanks to CoinPayments and IgnitionDeck

IgnitionDeck & CoinPayments

Crowdfunding has never been easier than it is today. Since the advent of the Internet, multiple new platforms have emerged with innovative methods to collect funds.  At CoinPayments, we are pleased to announce that today we are taking the crowdfunding industry to the next level. We have been integrated by IgnitionDeck, one of the best platforms for self-hosting a branded crowdfunding business. From now, thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses can start accepting crypto to finance their projects.  Want to know more about this partnership? Read on to find out all…

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Understanding the Sales Funnel


When any customer goes through a journey from discovering a brand to purchasing a product, they proceed through a sales funnel. Understanding the sales funnel is a crucial part of running a successful online business, especially if your eCommerce store relies on selling products to many different people. However, understanding the sales funnel is a lot different than mastering the sales funnel. This guide will break down how you can do both by first explaining what the sales funnel is and how it works. Then, we will break down how…

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Join the 2020 World Rainforest Day Movement with CoinPayments

donate with cryptocurrency-rainforest day

World Rainforest Day 2020 is just around the corner, a day dedicated to putting the spotlight on a major environmental issue that is affecting us all.  The Amazon rainforest alone circulates about 20% of the world’s oxygen and remains a crucial ecosystem for our species, and yet these tropical woods continue to be deforested at an accelerating rate. What’s more, almost 15% of global carbon emissions annually are due to clearing of rainforests for animal agriculture, illegal logging, mining, oil drilling and forest fires. PROTECT OUR RAINFORESTS That is why…

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Coin Market Manager (CMM)

Coin Market Manager (CMM) is your all-in-one trader focused crypto journaling, accounting and analytics solution. Set to enable its users with storage tracking, ICO investments, and all live exchange positions via the user-friendly dashboard system, this platform allows users to accurately calculate their overall BTC portfolio via read-only API. With Coin Market Manager, the avid crypto trader will benefit from: 1 – Automated Trade Imports: Import an open or concluded trade from your Bybit, Deribit or Bitmex accounts. Auto-populate the majority of your trade entry fields within a few clicks! 2…

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BitTorrent – Merchant Spotlight

BitTorrent, founded in 2004 and headquartered in San Francisco, was one of the first internet peer-to-peer file sharing sites and has continued to evolve as the internet has become more adopted and available globally. Its mission is to build a better internet, one that is full of options and not rules. To get a sense of how important BitTorrent is, you can just look at the numbers that it handles: 170 million people use BitTorrent clients every month, and the BitTorrent protocols move as much as 40% of the world’s…

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VPN services are becoming more and more popular as the world globalizes and regulations blocking content and communication prevent connections from happening cross-border. Having a reliable and high-quality VPN service is the difference between being safe in this borderless environment and being exposed. VPNShazam has engineered and customized its servers to become one of the fastest and widely spread VPN providers on the market by providing highly secure and fast VPN servers from 6 continents. Over 2000 VPN servers from 140 countries make VPNShazam one of the top options for…

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Wikileaks Shop

At this point, most people have heard of Wikileaks and its polarizing founder, Julian Assange. The hype around this notorious platform centers on its mission to uncover hidden government secrets and publish them to the world as they relate to war, spying, and corruption. Since 2006, it has published over 10 million documents, and continues to do so even with Mr. Assange in prison. According to Mr. Assange, “WikiLeaks is a giant library of the world’s most persecuted documents. We give asylum to these documents, we analyze them, we promote…

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