Join the 2020 World Rainforest Day Movement with CoinPayments

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World Rainforest Day 2020 is just around the corner, a day dedicated to putting the spotlight on a major environmental issue that is affecting us all.  The Amazon rainforest alone circulates about 20% of the world’s oxygen and remains a crucial ecosystem for our species, and yet these tropical woods continue to be deforested at an accelerating rate. What’s more, almost 15% of global carbon emissions annually are due to clearing of rainforests for animal agriculture, illegal logging, mining, oil drilling and forest fires. PROTECT OUR RAINFORESTS That is why…

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UNIFY Partnership

CoinPayments is thrilled to have partnered with to provide cryptocurrency donations to hundreds of charitable initiatives worldwide. With the latest uprising of consciousness that the self-governance movement “Blockchain” has caused; increasingly more people are experiencing an urgent call to action within themselves. Lending knowledge and opportunities has been a primary motivating force here at CoinPayments, and to celebrate our 5th year in business in the city where we got our first start, we have partnered with UNIFY, for this year World Peace Day. To do good, we must look…

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