Join the 2020 World Rainforest Day Movement with CoinPayments

World Rainforest Day 2020 is just around the corner, a day dedicated to putting the spotlight on a major environmental issue that is affecting us all. 

The Amazon rainforest alone circulates about 20% of the world’s oxygen and remains a crucial ecosystem for our species, and yet these tropical woods continue to be deforested at an accelerating rate. What’s more, almost 15% of global carbon emissions annually are due to clearing of rainforests for animal agriculture, illegal logging, mining, oil drilling and forest fires.


That is why CoinPayments is again joining forces with Rainforest Partnership, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting tropical rainforests, this June 22 to take part in the fight to rebuild our planet. 

CoinPayments is enabling its community to donate to the cause using cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks. We make it easy!

Last year, CoinPayments’ amazing community helped fundraise over $70,000 in cryptocurrency donations for Rainforest Partnership, spearheading rainforest conservation on a global scale.
Let’s double it for World Rainforest Day 2020!  

Join us in celebration this June 22 and make a donation in support of our forest defenders, Rainforest Partnership, as they work to protect 500,000+ acres of rainforest in 2020. Their focus for the year includes several new sustainable projects with rainforest communities in Peru and Ecuador.  

Be part of the movement and use your cryptocurrency to protect the lungs of our planet. 


Learn More About Rainforest Partnership

Rainforest Partnership works with local and indigenous rainforest communities in Peru and Ecuador to implement projects that have direct and measurable impact in combating deforestation. These initiatives create sustainable income streams that present these communities a sustainable stake in keeping the trees intact. In addition, Rainforest Partnership leads conservation management projects that expand scientific knowledge of the rainforests’ vast biodiversity, and it inspires global action to protect the rainforests through global activation events such as World Rainforest Day and Films for the Forest.

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  1. […] They’re joining forces with Rainforest Partnership again this year, with a goal of doubling the amount of giving! With just a few clicks, anyone can join their community and donate to the cause of preserving rainforests and fund Rainforest Partnership’s goal of protecting 500,000+ acres of rainforest in 2020 by way of projects with rainforest communities in Peru and Ecuador. Learn more and get involved at CoinPayments today.  […]

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