Crowdfunding Businesses Can Now Raise Funds With Bitcoin Thanks to CoinPayments and IgnitionDeck

IgnitionDeck & CoinPayments

Crowdfunding has never been easier than it is today. Since the advent of the Internet, multiple new platforms have emerged with innovative methods to collect funds.  At CoinPayments, we are pleased to announce that today we are taking the crowdfunding industry to the next level. We have been integrated by IgnitionDeck, one of the best platforms for self-hosting a branded crowdfunding business. From now, thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses can start accepting crypto to finance their projects.  Want to know more about this partnership? Read on to find out all…

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Coin Bros’ Taui Breaks Down CoinPayments $PayByName Feature

PayByName -Crypto payment solutions

We all know Coin Bros for their unique musical talent in the cryptocurrency space. But did you know that Coin Bros’ Taui is also great at explaining awesome features offered by CoinPayments?   We didn’t either but we reached out so he could teach our community how to easily send and receive cryptos using our PayByName feature.  What is PayByName? It is a feature on CoinPayments that provides you with a unique and convenient money tag so you can receive payments from all coins.  Instead of inputting a destination wallet address…

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The Halvening: Understanding Bitcoin Halving

An entity by the alias “Satoshi Nakamoto” wrote the blueprint to one of the most significant phenomena of the 4th industrial revolution; the first-ever cryptocurrency, bitcoin. Unlike most traditional currencies, such as dollars or euros, bitcoin’s code has a finite supply and a predictable schedule. As part of the bitcoin design, there will only ever be 21 million coins. This predetermined number was put in place to keep the supply scarce, so alongside its utility, it would largely influence their market value. (Here is to the 100+ million of us…

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A Quick Guide to $PayByName™ in CoinPayments

$PayByName™ is a unique CoinPayments feature which is designed to enormously simplify the process of sending and receiving payments via numerous different crypto coins inside the CoinPayments ecosystem and a selection of apps through our partner Netki. The feature offers one chief benefit in that allows the user to send or receive payments without having to copy and paste wallet addresses. Now, if you’re a total newbie to the crypto currency ecosystem, here is what a typical Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address looks like: 3Jpk464Enx4YA58HJHdtT82hwgUfig4geC This is what a typical Ethereum…

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CoinFest Vancouver: Lightning Edition By: Christina Succurro  On April 6th, 2018 CoinPayments in partnership with Andrew Wagner will be hosting CoinFest, a mini Blockchain expo which aims to be the event equivalent to open source peer-to-peer technology. A local venture founded in 2013 returning for the second year in a row, to our very own Headquarters here in Vancouver BC. CoinFest has consistently provided opportunities for businesses and Crypto enthusiasts to casually connect over pizza and beer with some of the most influential people of the fin-tech world. An educational and…

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The Importance of Accepting Bitcoin and Altcoins in Your Store

Cryptocurrencies have become a worldwide sensation, with bitcoin taking center stage as the first and most proven cryptocurrency. It has taken a while for bitcoin to become more widely accepted by businesses across the world, but as with any new technology this is understandably so. In the early days, it was only a handful of people that really knew what cryptocurrencies were, how to transact with them and how to store them. Until a day in May 2010, when a young man managed to purchase a pizza with 10,000 bitcoins…

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