CoinPayments Partners with the Emerging Payments Association, Aims to Drive Cryptocurrency Payments Adoption

Emerging Payments Association - Cryptocurrency Payment Processor

CoinPayments, the world’s leading cryptocurrency payments processor, today announced its newly formed partnership with the Emerging Payments Association (EPA), a global organization focused on connecting the payments ecosystem and encouraging innovation across the industry.  As part of the EPA’s diverse membership base, CoinPayments will work with the organization to drive further adoption of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment globally.  “CoinPayments’ decision to join the EPA is a signal to the payments industry: cryptocurrencies are going mainstream,” said EPA Executive Chairman David Hunter. “We can’t wait to work closely with…

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Metronome: The Built-to-Last Cryptocurrency MET Quick Stats Metronome (MET) is the world’s first autonomous cryptocurrency, with three core design principles that govern Metronome’s foundation: self-governance, reliability, and portability. As of today, Metronome (MET) is part of the CoinPayments ecosystem, providing users with more cryptocurrency payment options. How Does Metronome Work? Metronome is an autonomous, decentralized financial system with a continuous mintage of MET. As a monetary system unto itself, Metronome was “DeFi” long before the concept became popular. The Metronome team designed this innovative currency to elegantly strike the balance…

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Coin Bros’ Taui Breaks Down CoinPayments $PayByName Feature

PayByName -Crypto payment solutions

We all know Coin Bros for their unique musical talent in the cryptocurrency space. But did you know that Coin Bros’ Taui is also great at explaining awesome features offered by CoinPayments?   We didn’t either but we reached out so he could teach our community how to easily send and receive cryptos using our PayByName feature.  What is PayByName? It is a feature on CoinPayments that provides you with a unique and convenient money tag so you can receive payments from all coins.  Instead of inputting a destination wallet address…

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Major Win for CoinPayments as HODLTech Secures Canadian FMSB Status

CoinPayments released news this week, announcing a longer term partnership with leading digital wallet infrastructure supplier and custodianship services HODLTech. Working with CoinPayments since 2018, Estonia-based HODLTech also announced this week its approved registration as a Foreign Canadian Money Services Business (FMSB). What Does the News Mean for Our Users? Due to the new regulatory status, HODLTech is now more attractive to new partnerships, in particular for crypto-to-fiat settlement services. In other words, more liquidity options for users when it comes to crypto payments. Users and merchants can also rest…

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CoinPayments’ Jason Butcher to Speak at Virtual Blockchain Summit 2020

CoinPayments at Virtual Blockchain Summit - Blockchain events

The 2020 Virtual Blockchain Summit takes place this week, and CoinPayments’ CEO Jason Butcher is set to be a panelist at the event. You won’t want to miss his discussion on the Crypto Exchanges Infrastructure Challenges Panel alongside SEON’s Tamas Kadar, Shrimpy’s Micheal McCarty, Finery Tech’s Ilia Drozdov and Orion Protocol’s Kal Ali. The panelists will share their thoughts on the risks associated with crypto exchanges, cost optimization strategies through automation, and liquidity options in the industry. Join CoinPayments at the 2020 Virtual Blockchain Summit on June 11 at 9:30…

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CoinPayments Develops Integration for Shopify

As part of our aggressive expansion strategy, CoinPayments is extremely proud to announce a successful integration for the Shopify platform. The goal of our integration for Shopify is to provide an alternative payment option for their merchants and expand the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Our platform allows merchants using Shopify to accept cryptocurrencies among other payment methods in exchange for their goods and services. Shopify is a multichannel commerce platform for online stores across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, social media, marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops. With CoinPayments’ leadership…

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CoinPayments “Dream Team” Keeps Growing, Naming Jason Butcher as New CEO

CoinPayments CEO Jason Butcher

In a continued effort to make significant strides for the payments industry, CoinPayments has recently appointed a new CEO. Introducing Jason Butcher, CoinPayments’ former Chief Operating Officer since 2017, and previously its advisor since 2015. His successful track record in boosting CoinPayments’ monthly transactions to more than US$100 million and solid performance throughout his five years at the company is a testament to his strategic vision and focus on continued growth. “For businesses large and small, paying with cryptocurrency has evolved from a novel concept into a trusted, secure and…

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Coin Market Manager

Coin Market Manager (CMM) is your all-in-one trader focused crypto journaling, accounting and analytics solution. Set to enable its users with storage tracking, ICO investments, and all live exchange positions via the user-friendly dashboard system, this platform allows users to accurately calculate their overall BTC portfolio via read-only API. With Coin Market Manager, the avid crypto trader will benefit from: 1 – Automated Trade Imports: Import an open or concluded trade from your Bybit, Deribit or Bitmex accounts. Auto-populate the majority of your trade entry fields within a few clicks! 2…

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The Halvening

An entity by the alias “Satoshi Nakamoto” wrote the blueprint to one of the most significant phenomena of the 4th industrial revolution; the first-ever cryptocurrency, bitcoin. Unlike most traditional currencies, such as dollars or euros, bitcoin’s code has a finite supply and a predictable schedule. As part of the bitcoin design, there will only ever be 21 million coins. This predetermined number was put in place to keep the supply scarce, so alongside its utility, it would largely influence their market value. (Here is to the 100+ million of us…

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