How To Accept Crypto as a Business


eCommerce business owners with their fingers on the pulse of the economy and forward-thinking business plans are starting to accept crypto tokens as forms of payment – and that’s a good thing! Accepting crypto as a business can provide your eCommerce venture with several benefits, including increased payment flexibility, more profits, and more outstanding service to your customers. However, it can be tough to know how to start accepting Bitcoin and other crypto tokens on your website if you haven’t done it before. Today, let’s break down how to accept…

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How Can You Accept Crypto Payments on Your Site?


If you’ve decided to start accepting crypto tokens for your goods and services, congratulations! You’ve just made your business more flexible and approachable for an international audience. Deciding to accept crypto tokens as a currency will likely pay dividends in the future. That said, you still need to decide how to accept crypto payments on your site. There are several different ways to accept cryptocurrencies before exchanging them for fiat currencies or storing them for investment purposes. Today, let’s break down each crypto payment acceptance method one by one. What…

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An Online Merchant’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

Since its inception 25 years ago, eCommerce has transformed, and merchants now have a multitude of ways to process payments – and that includes cryptocurrency payments.  A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a straightforward way for merchants to process cryptocurrency transactions. It’s an application that connects a merchant’s online marketplace (through a personal website or other digital sales channel like a social media page) to the customer’s cryptocurrency account to approve or deny a purchase.  This seems straightforward enough, but what goes on behind the scenes of this approval or denial?…

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Online Cryptocurrency Payment Processing: How Your Money Gets To You

From the ease of transportation in cars, planes, and trains to the colorful world of television or pre-packaged meals, so many previously inaccessible or unreachable things are now within our reach. Almost everyone can now hop in their cars (some of which are fully electric), drive to the nearest coffee shop, touch their phone to the screen, and begin working on their newest online project or business. And of every modern invention that propels the world forward, perhaps the internet is the most innovative. It allows everyone, no matter where…

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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways: Understand Your Options and Start Accepting Crypto Payments

The era of crypto is now. More than ever before, customers and merchants are using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins in staggering amounts. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and reliable, allowing instantaneous international transactions without as many security risks as traditional credit or debit card transactions. If you want your eCommerce store to accept crypto payments, good choice! But you’ll need a cryptocurrency payment gateway to make it happen. Let’s break down cryptocurrency payment gateways and explore what you need to look for in a great payment gateway for your…

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