How To Accept Crypto as a Business


eCommerce business owners with their fingers on the pulse of the economy and forward-thinking business plans are starting to accept crypto tokens as forms of payment – and that’s a good thing! Accepting crypto as a business can provide your eCommerce venture with several benefits, including increased payment flexibility, more profits, and more outstanding service to your customers. However, it can be tough to know how to start accepting Bitcoin and other crypto tokens on your website if you haven’t done it before. Today, let’s break down how to accept…

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The Rise of Crypto Spenders: How Businesses Can Attract New Customers in 2021

HODL on: a guiding principle for crypto-enthusiasts “Hold on for dear life,” or HODL, has been a mantra in the cryptocurrency community since 2013. The phrase is typically used to support an approach whereby cryptocurrency holders are deterred from trading or selling their coins, to rather preserve their holdings in anticipation of rising prices as adoption increases. The term is believed to have originated as a typo, yet HODL has evolved to symbolize an influential movement that has picked up pace in recent years.  “HODL, however, is not a simple…

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