How Can You Pay Using Crypto Payments?


Cryptocurrency is the quick, accessible cash of the future. As adoption rates for crypto tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum increase, people need to know how to pay for goods and services using crypto payments. Luckily, paying with crypto is quick and easy, and it’s becoming easier all the time. Let’s break down how you can pay using crypto tokens step-by-step. How To Use Crypto as Payment At its core, you can use crypto as a payment medium in the same way that you use cash or digital currency stored on…

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Altpocket – A First-Hand Experience Using CoinPayments

It’s not often we received a fully written article on our behalf from a business that used CoinPayments and wanted to share with the world the ease of use and low fees when compared to PayPal. So, we had to share it here for all to see. Have a read below about the first-hand experience Altpocket encountered when setting up and then accepting payments via both CoinPayments and PayPal. If you’re reading this, you’ll almost certainly have heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, what they’re designed for, used and utilized for.…

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