CuboPay and CoinPayments join forces to enable Brazilian market to benefit from crypto payments

Even as the crypto market frenzy seems to be teetering off, the latest numbers reveal that widespread adoption remains on an upward trend. Notably, as data consultancy firm GlobalData demonstrated, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by large companies worldwide increased by 200% during the first half of the year.  Brazil is one country that has shown special interest in cryptocurrencies and the adoption of their underlying technology. In fact, the market for digital currencies in the country brings together more investors than the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange. In 2019, this market…

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CoinPayments Gets Picked as Top Payment Gateway for 2021

Humble brag alert!  We are happy to announce that out of 19 contenders, CoinPayments has been picked by popular blockchain and crypto-focused blog Coinfunda as the Top Payment Gateway for 2021.  For nearly a decade, CoinPayments has been providing exceptional service to merchants and wallet users around the world, making crypto payments easy for everyone. And today, we are honored to have made it on the top of Coinfunda’s list!  With our fast and easy-to-integrate solutions, any merchant can start accepting online and in-store cryptocurrency payments to grow their business.…

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Enabling More Forms of Payment Give Merchants a Greater Chance of Making a Sale – Jason Butcher on Payment Show Podcast

As a merchant, if you are open to accepting any form of payment, you’ll have a greater chance of ensuring that a payment goes through. With cryptocurrencies taking over the mainstream narrative, more businesses are becoming open to accepting crypto as a form of payment to capitalize on a growing market of crypto spenders. However, some still struggle to understand the benefits that come with crypto payments and how easy it actually is to implement into their checkout process.  CoinPayments CEO Jason Butcher recently appeared on the Payments Show podcast to…

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Crypto Regulation to Lead to Mass Crypto Adoption Sooner Rather Than Later – #FFCON21 Panel Features CoinPayments CEO Jason Butcher

The pandemic has accelerated us into the digital life of Zoom meetings, video calls, and virtual conferences. One such conference is the 7th Annual Fintech & Financing Conference (#FFCON21), an event that went live on May 11 that aimed at highlighting interesting developments in the financial industry. This year’s event hosted a discussion on the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and CoinPayments’ CEO Jason Butcher shared some interesting insights on a panel entitled “Mainstream Adoption of Digital Currencies and Investing in Alternative Assets.”  Eric Richmond, COO at CoinSquare, led the discussion,…

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Simplify your Wallet Address with a Blockchain Domain Name, now available on CoinPayments

Their name says it all… Unstoppable Domains.  A powerful name for a company aimed at driving adoption by making cryptocurrency transfers easy. Together with leading cryptocurrency payment processor CoinPayments, this unstoppable pair is streamlining the process to pay with crypto. Unstoppable Domains enables users to create blockchain domains, which can be used to simplify crypto payments. A blockchain domain replaces the complex letters and numbers of cryptocurrency addresses with a simple name that the user can choose.  For example, if I want to send Bitcoin to someone, I have to…

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(New) – Buy Crypto with Credit & Debit Cards on CoinPayments

In an effort to make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone, CoinPayments is happy to announce today you can now use your credit or debit cards to purchase crypto.  In just a few simple steps, you can purchase one of eight major cryptocurrencies with this new feature, which is only available to all non-U.S. and non-Canadian CoinPayments users*.   Our latest feature will enable users to purchase one of the following cryptocurrencies on our platform: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETC), Tether (USDT), Tron (TRX), Dai (DAI), Basic Attention Coin (BAT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and…

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CoinPayments Makes Waves in Crypto World As It Unveils Its New Logo

CoinPayments Logo-crypto currency payment solutions

As of late, the world seems to have been flipped on its head. Things are changing rapidly, and it has been hard to keep up.  We know.  And, the true revolutionaries are those who continuously adapt to these new changes. As the world’s leading cryptocurrency payments processor, CoinPayments has embraced innovation. We see change as a positive and essential aspect of the effort to continue to grow. Otherwise, by staying the same, we risk becoming stagnant. We have lived by that philosophy since our founding in 2013, when we made…

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Join the 2020 World Rainforest Day Movement with CoinPayments

donate with cryptocurrency-rainforest day

World Rainforest Day 2020 is just around the corner, a day dedicated to putting the spotlight on a major environmental issue that is affecting us all.  The Amazon rainforest alone circulates about 20% of the world’s oxygen and remains a crucial ecosystem for our species, and yet these tropical woods continue to be deforested at an accelerating rate. What’s more, almost 15% of global carbon emissions annually are due to clearing of rainforests for animal agriculture, illegal logging, mining, oil drilling and forest fires. PROTECT OUR RAINFORESTS That is why…

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CoinPayments Partners with the Emerging Payments Association, Aims to Drive Cryptocurrency Payments Adoption

Emerging Payments Association - Cryptocurrency Payment Processor

CoinPayments, the world’s leading cryptocurrency payments processor, today announced its newly formed partnership with the Emerging Payments Association (EPA), a global organization focused on connecting the payments ecosystem and encouraging innovation across the industry.  As part of the EPA’s diverse membership base, CoinPayments will work with the organization to drive further adoption of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment globally.  “CoinPayments’ decision to join the EPA is a signal to the payments industry: cryptocurrencies are going mainstream,” said EPA Executive Chairman David Hunter. “We can’t wait to work closely with…

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