CoinPayments Makes Waves in Crypto World As It Unveils Its New Logo

As of late, the world seems to have been flipped on its head. Things are changing rapidly, and it has been hard to keep up. 

We know. 

And, the true revolutionaries are those who continuously adapt to these new changes.

As the world’s leading cryptocurrency payments processor, CoinPayments has embraced innovation. We see change as a positive and essential aspect of the effort to continue to grow.

Otherwise, by staying the same, we risk becoming stagnant.

We have lived by that philosophy since our founding in 2013, when we made our first steps into the then-unknown world of crypto. And it has benefitted many!

That is why today, we are announcing a major change to the CoinPayments brand.

We are happy to announce today that we are rolling out our new logo!

“A fresh, vibrant look and a sharp new logo are critical building blocks in our plans for 2020,” said Jason Butcher, CoinPayments CEO. “We’re well on our way to a significant growth story this year and this new brand positioning will build on the foundation we’ve already created.”

This new look reflects our company’s drive to persist as the world’s leading cryptocurrency payments processor. 

We continue to strive to provide our industry-leading customer support and merchant services. But keep in mind, this rebrand will have no effect on any existing platform functionality as of yet. 

CoinPayments Chief Marketing Officer, Ray Torresan, also commented on the news: 

“We’re here to take on a leadership role in the crypto payments industry. 
This new brand is a message: we are the only company to deliver the easiest solution to digital currency transactions for any merchant, anywhere.”

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