Simplify your Wallet Address with a Blockchain Domain Name, now available on CoinPayments

Their name says it all… Unstoppable Domains. 

A powerful name for a company aimed at driving adoption by making cryptocurrency transfers easy. Together with leading cryptocurrency payment processor CoinPayments, this unstoppable pair is streamlining the process to pay with crypto.

Unstoppable Domains enables users to create blockchain domains, which can be used to simplify crypto payments. A blockchain domain replaces the complex letters and numbers of cryptocurrency addresses with a simple name that the user can choose. 

For example, if I want to send Bitcoin to someone, I have to copy and paste their public Bitcoin address into my wallet. Typically, a Bitcoin address can look like a randomized sequence: bc1qfuhp6ecn4sjnqh56g5f239yss92xqwhayefd5

But, with Unstoppable Domains, users can change their Bitcoin address to something simpler; example, [AnyName].Crypto. So, if I wanted to send them crypto, all I would have to do is type in the recipient’s domain.

Receiving crypto is the same, user just gives the sender their domain name. This simplified process eliminates the worry of sending crypto to the wrong address and double-checking the long code of letters and numbers.

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How does it work? 

The domain is stored as a non-fungible token (NFT) in the user’s wallet and permanently written into a public registry so that it can’t be purged, modified, or censored by third parties. 

Each unique domain name is owned and controlled by the user, without traditional renewal fees. The company’s blockchain domains are currently supported by over 50 wallets, apps, exchanges, and browsers that work with over 70 cryptocurrencies. 

Unstoppable Domains was founded in 2018 and is backed by venture capital firm Draper Associates. It has also received grants from the Ethereum Foundation. The company has recently become an affiliate partner with CoinPayments, the first and largest cryptocurrency payment processor, to allow people to accept payments via domain names. This will enable Unstoppable Domain users to easily send and receive crypto to any of CoinPayments’ over 930,000 wallet users by simply sharing a domain name.

This is an impressive step forward in making cryptocurrencies user-friendly, understandable, and available to everyone. 

Use this link to get started with your own Unstoppable Domain name today.

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