DeFi, Blockchain, and the “Deadpool Effect,” According to Gorav Seth

Gorav Seth, Co-chair of film financing for DeFi and NFT Marketplace platform Mogul, joins Jason Butcher on Off the Ledger to give a behind-the-scenes view (pun intended) of the changing movie industry, NFTs, and how blockchain is the catalyst for leveling the playing field. Don’t miss the chance to watch Off the Ledger’s newest episode with corporate finance and entertainment industry expert Gorav Seth of Mogul, which is now live on CoinPayments Media and Spotify!  Don’t be fooled by Gorav’s relaxed demeanor. He worked for 15 years in corporate finance…

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How to Receive Bitcoin and Altcoin Payments with CoinPayments

CoinPayments is the number one payment processing platform for online businesses or anyone wishing to adopt cryptocurrencies for their ease of access and worldwide flexibility. Although getting started with CoinPayments is easy, many users aren’t quite sure how they can quickly start receiving Bitcoin and altcoin payments. Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of how to receive Bitcoin and altcoin payments by connecting your eCommerce site to the CoinPayments platform. Create a CoinPayments Account The first step is to create a CoinPayments account, which any business owner can do by…

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How Businesses Benefit from Crypto Over Traditional Payments

The payment landscape is currently experiencing intense transformation, and consumer behavior is evolving accordingly, accelerated by the fallout of a global pandemic that forced us all to reevaluate the way we interact and transact. Industries of all kinds have worked hard to adapt, but the service and commerce industries especially have found themselves at a crossroads.  The predicament they face is how to make calculated decisions that will help them simultaneously retain their existing customers and attract new ones. This can be particularly difficult in a rapidly changing environment, making…

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CoinPayments Gets Picked as Top Payment Gateway for 2021

Humble brag alert!  We are happy to announce that out of 19 contenders, CoinPayments has been picked by popular blockchain and crypto-focused blog Coinfunda as the Top Payment Gateway for 2021.  For nearly a decade, CoinPayments has been providing exceptional service to merchants and wallet users around the world, making crypto payments easy for everyone. And today, we are honored to have made it on the top of Coinfunda’s list!  With our fast and easy-to-integrate solutions, any merchant can start accepting online and in-store cryptocurrency payments to grow their business.…

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Crypto Regulation to Lead to Mass Crypto Adoption Sooner Rather Than Later – #FFCON21 Panel Features CoinPayments CEO Jason Butcher

The pandemic has accelerated us into the digital life of Zoom meetings, video calls, and virtual conferences. One such conference is the 7th Annual Fintech & Financing Conference (#FFCON21), an event that went live on May 11 that aimed at highlighting interesting developments in the financial industry. This year’s event hosted a discussion on the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and CoinPayments’ CEO Jason Butcher shared some interesting insights on a panel entitled “Mainstream Adoption of Digital Currencies and Investing in Alternative Assets.”  Eric Richmond, COO at CoinSquare, led the discussion,…

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TerraCredit (CREDIT)

TerraCredit (CREDIT): Designed for mass adoption CREDIT Quick Stats What is TerraCredit?   A decentralized digital payment solution, CREDIT aims to become the world’s TOP currency for the unbanked adult population. CREDIT is built on Proof-Of Stake protocol and its speed allows for a fast transaction; Transactions on the TerraCredit blockchain show instantly and are coins are spend-able within 1 minute, making CREDIT a viable replacement to cash and a rewarding option attractive to new users.   CoinPayments prides itself on the easy to use platform we offer and are always excited…

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Easily Donate Bitcoin & Other Crypto with CoinPayments

cryptocurrency donations

There is no question cryptocurrencies are transforming the way merchants are accessing new customers for their business.  Couldn’t the same apply to organizations seeking donations from the general public?  Here at CoinPayments, we asked ourselves the same question.  That is why we launched our custom cryptocurrency donation button feature, allowing any organization (or existing merchant on our platform) to begin accepting cryptocurrency donations for the causes they believe in.  Start accepting donations in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and a number of other cryptocurrencies. We even let you customize…

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ILCOIN - Cryptocurrency payment solutions

ILCoin (ILC): Where Not Only Cryptocurrency is Smart ILC Quick Stats ILCoin integration is now LIVE! Store, send and receive ILCoin payments in your CoinPayments wallet today! We are Introducing ILC Cryptocurrency ILCoin is mined using SHA-256 Proof-of-Work (POW) technology. The ambition of ILCoin is to become the foundation of a new, global digital currency-based economic system. ILCoin entered the market in 2015. Today, this Blockchain Project is more than just crypto: it focuses on solving some of the most pressing problems in the industry, increasing blockchain’s usability, and finding…

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Binance USD (BUSD)

Binance USD BUSD - CoinPayments

Binance USD (BUSD): A U.S. dollar-backed stablecoin BUSD Quick Stats CoinPayments is happy to have successfully integrated BUSD cryptocurrency to our growing list of payment solutions. Merchants can now choose to accept BUSD payments for their business. Binance USD (BUSD) is a 1:1 USD-backed stable coin issued by Binance. Launched on 5 Sep 2019, BUSD aims to integrate the stability of the dollar with blockchain technology. This digital fiat currency is issued as an ERC-20 token. Stablecoins have grown exponentially in popularity over the last years. And for a good…

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