SB Coin

sb coin cryptocurrency payments

SB Coin (SB): Global Payment Cryptocurrency SB Quick Stats Part of the SBCM ecosystem, the SB Coin (SB) is a token developed on the basis of ERC-20, allowing users to store it on standard cryptocurrency wallets. In a continued effort to unlock more cryptocurrency options for its community, CoinPayments today announces that the SB Coin is available on the CoinPayments wallet and merchants can accept SB Coin (SB) payments worldwide. How Does SB Coin Work? The SB Coin is aimed to be the global payment cryptocurrency coin for SBCM. People…

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Ravencoin (RVN): Efficient Creation and Transfer of Assets Ravencoin Quick Stats 10 years after the launch of Bitcoin, many different cryptocurrencies have used its base code to create something new and different to bring to the market. Ravencoin, a use case driven, open source blockchain project, is built on the Bitcoin foundation and brings to market several improvements, but most notably the optimization of asset creation and transfer between parties in a peer-to-peer system. CoinPayments now offers Ravencoin (RVN) payment processing to our merchants worldwide. How Does Ravencoin Work? Ravencoin…

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