Why Do Bitcoin Transactions Take So Long?

Why Do Bitcoin Transactions Take So Long_web

There’s no denying that Bitcoin transactions are convenient, flexible, and perfect for facilitating decentralized commerce around the world. Still, one lingering problem has been a facet of Bitcoin transactions since these digital assets’ inception: transaction time.  Even with today’s technology, Bitcoin transactions can take quite a while to finalize. Why is this, and is there any way to fix it?  Today, let’s break down the answer to both of these questions and more. How Bitcoin Transactions Are Confirmed For Bitcoin to work, transactions must go through a lengthy and complex…

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Bitcoin as it was intended: Lightning fast and truly digital cash

Bitcoin: From humble beginnings to a global phenomenon, despite its issues Electronic cash. That’s how the Bitcoin whitepaper, released in 2008, describes Bitcoin. From those simple beginnings through to today, Bitcoin has continued to grow in popularity and value.  In the last 13 years, Bitcoin has reached heights of over $67k (around 59k Euros), is held by over 106 million wallets, and in January 2022 had over 20k nodes, doubling the figure from 10 months previously.  But, as a form of electronic cash, it has always faced challenges.  While other…

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How Can You Pay Using Crypto Payments?


Cryptocurrency is the quick, accessible cash of the future. As adoption rates for crypto tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum increase, people need to know how to pay for goods and services using crypto payments. Luckily, paying with crypto is quick and easy, and it’s becoming easier all the time. Let’s break down how you can pay using crypto tokens step-by-step. How To Use Crypto as Payment At its core, you can use crypto as a payment medium in the same way that you use cash or digital currency stored on…

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Payment Gateway vs. Payment Processor


Online transactions are convenient, but keeping them secure and efficient is hard work. Two payment systems – gateways and processors – work behind the scenes to facilitate online purchases for customers and merchants. When you’re starting a new eCommerce store, you might not know what the difference is between payment gateways vs. payment processors, or whether you need one or both.  Today, let’s compare payment gateways and payment processors in detail and break down why both are important parts of your online store’s checkout system. What Is a Payment Gateway…

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How to Avoid Paying High Bitcoin Transaction Fees


Bitcoin or BTC may be the most popular cryptocurrency globally, but many merchants are hesitant to accept it from their customers because of one costly element: high Bitcoin transaction fees. These high fees fluctuate regularly and have historically reached peaks of well over $25. So, how can you avoid paying high Bitcoin transaction fees while offering your customers maximum payment flexibility? It turns out there are multiple ways to keep costs low and still accept crypto tokens like Bitcoin. Let’s break down these ways in detail. Pick the Right Payment…

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2021 Cryptocurrency Transaction Fee Comparison

Cryptocurrencies are the way of the future. If you’re interested in picking up a few points for yourself and storing them in your wallet, you’ll need to understand cryptocurrency transaction fees. That’s right – while cryptocurrency may not have as many fees or charges as using regular fiat currency, you’ll still need to pay some transaction fees to take advantage of the security and versatility of digital coins. While platforms like CoinPayments strive to keep their crypto transaction fees as low as possible, they’re unavoidable to some extent. Furthermore, different…

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What is Cryptocurrency: Ecommerce Guide

The Radical Novelty of Cryptocurrency About a decade ago–seemingly out of nowhere–cryptocurrency emerged, shifting the global population’s perspective of currency. For the first time ever, there was a completely virtual global currency that had a uniform worth.  Similar to how electronic payments revolutionized the payment world–dethroning cash from its monopoly of popularity–cryptocurrency has opened up a new future of financial freedom for many. The more popularity it garners, the more widely accepted it becomes. In some places, crypto is a standard payment method in coffee shops, restaurants, and retail stores.…

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A Newbie to Blockchain? These Basics Got You Covered

According to a Statista forecast, worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is projected to increase over tenfold from its $1.5 billion level in 2018 to an astounding $19 billion by 2024. Companies from a variety of industries are investing in blockchain to ease their pain points and gear them for the digital economy, and there’s a good reason: it’s an innovation that unlocks boundless potential.  While its disruptive promise may make it seem like a complex concept, in reality, blockchain is simple. We’re here to break down the basics so that…

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Crypto Wallet 101: How to Get Started

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency wallets Although crypto wallets may be new to some, the number of blockchain wallet users has increased 240% over the past three years, according to Wirex. So what exactly are they?  A cryptocurrency wallet allows you to receive, send, and store cryptocurrencies by managing the secret codes (called “keys”) that allow you to use digital currency.  There are two types of keys held in your wallet: Public and Private. Public Keys A public key is like your email address. Just like you need an…

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