10 Blockchain Use Cases


The blockchain has been an innovative concept ever since its implementation and since Bitcoin came onto the scene over a decade ago. But although blockchain technology is still primarily used for cryptocurrency transactions, it’s actually a much more versatile solution to many more problems. Indeed, blockchain tech is already being used in several industries. Today, let’s break down ten blockchain use cases in detail. By the end, you’ll see exactly how useful the blockchain can be, both for individuals and for the world at large. Blockchain Is More Useful Than…

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24 Crypto Terms You Should Know


Cryptocurrency is fast becoming the most important decentralized economic force of the 21st century. eCommerce and other merchants are now adopting crypto tokens and accepting cryptocurrencies at their online stores. If you want your business to thrive in the modern market, you should consider doing the same. To jump into the crypto market and fully understand what it means, you need to know some key terms. Today, let’s break down important crypto terms you should know as an eCommerce store owner or as a user of cryptocurrencies. Miner A crypto…

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Bitcoin’s Network: What is It and How it Works

Bitcoin is more popular than ever these days, and not a day goes by without major financial institutions talking about it. But even as individuals and businesses begin to adopt Bitcoin, many still wonder what Bitcoin’s network is and how it works. After all, can you really trust a currency whose principles you don’t fully grasp? Today, let’s take a deep dive into Bitcoin’s network and break down how it works so you know the true value of this digital currency and trust in its underlying system. What is the…

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Silver Short Squeeze? How Technology, Blockchain Revives Precious Metals Markets

CoinPayments Silver's Short Squeeze

Precious metals veteran David Morgan comments On February 1st, as the trading session opened for the week, the price of silver rose to an eight-year high above $30 an ounce. In the weekend preceding the price action, David Morgan, publisher of the Morgan Report, told his Twitter followers that silver dealers were experiencing demand like never before.  The precious metals aficionado has decades of industry experience and has seen it all: from silver’s highest price near $48 an ounce, to its most dramatic bear market ever. We spoke with him…

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Blockchain’s Instrumental Role in the Future of the Gig Economy

The Freelance Workforce is Growing In the past year alone, 59 million Americans freelanced, according to Upwork’s Freelance Forward 2020 report. This figure represents 36% of the entire U.S. workforce, a segment that generates over $1.2 trillion in annual earnings through gig work.  Now, the emerging demographic of Gen Z is being added to the mix, with half of the Gen Z workforce freelancing in the past year. This doesn’t seem to be a momentary trend, with 9 out of 10 Gen Z freelancers stating they plan to continue to…

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