24 Crypto Terms You Should Know


Cryptocurrency is fast becoming the most important decentralized economic force of the 21st century. eCommerce and other merchants are now adopting crypto tokens and accepting cryptocurrencies at their online stores. If you want your business to thrive in the modern market, you should consider doing the same. To jump into the crypto market and fully understand what it means, you need to know some key terms. Today, let’s break down important crypto terms you should know as an eCommerce store owner or as a user of cryptocurrencies. Miner A crypto…

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Why Do Bitcoin Transactions Take So Long?

Why Do Bitcoin Transactions Take So Long_web

There’s no denying that Bitcoin transactions are convenient, flexible, and perfect for facilitating decentralized commerce around the world. Still, one lingering problem has been a facet of Bitcoin transactions since these digital assets’ inception: transaction time.  Even with today’s technology, Bitcoin transactions can take quite a while to finalize. Why is this, and is there any way to fix it?  Today, let’s break down the answer to both of these questions and more. How Bitcoin Transactions Are Confirmed For Bitcoin to work, transactions must go through a lengthy and complex…

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How to Avoid Paying High Bitcoin Transaction Fees


Bitcoin or BTC may be the most popular cryptocurrency globally, but many merchants are hesitant to accept it from their customers because of one costly element: high Bitcoin transaction fees. These high fees fluctuate regularly and have historically reached peaks of well over $25. So, how can you avoid paying high Bitcoin transaction fees while offering your customers maximum payment flexibility? It turns out there are multiple ways to keep costs low and still accept crypto tokens like Bitcoin. Let’s break down these ways in detail. Pick the Right Payment…

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