10 Blockchain Use Cases


The blockchain has been an innovative concept ever since its implementation and since Bitcoin came onto the scene over a decade ago. But although blockchain technology is still primarily used for cryptocurrency transactions, it’s actually a much more versatile solution to many more problems. Indeed, blockchain tech is already being used in several industries. Today, let’s break down ten blockchain use cases in detail. By the end, you’ll see exactly how useful the blockchain can be, both for individuals and for the world at large. Blockchain Is More Useful Than…

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The Future of Blockchain Technology in 2022

With blockchain technology in the picture, a new perspective has come to light where trust and transparency have become the de facto requirements. However, in order to compete with the existing systems and meet the demands of our ever-connected world, blockchain now needs to take it one step further. Cue interoperability: Why do we need it? With so many blockchain platforms being introduced in the market, we have reached an autonomous ecosystem where they work in silos. As in, they work independently and do not share information.  Let’s consider a…

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