eCommerce vs Retail


The modern market is booming as COVID-19 fades into the background, and both eCommerce and retail businesses have massive opportunities to expand. For many, there’s no better time to become entrepreneurs! If you want to start your own business and make it as a merchant, you have to answer one key question: Will your business be an eCommerce enterprise? If you’ve never owned or run a business before, you may not know what the differences between eCommerce and retail are — or why they matter. Today, let’s take a look…

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Crypto Takes Retail by Storm as Transaction Volumes Jump 90% in 2021

At a Glance Retailers expect continued eCommerce growth through 2021 Crypto transaction volumes in retail sector are up 90% to $10.2M (QoQ) Crypto transaction sizes in retail sector are up over 70% as trust in crypto solidifies The new world of retail It comes as no surprise that the retail sector is rebounding globally, as consumers are once again ready to spend discretionary income after the economic uncertainty of 2020. As the Deloitte 2021 retail industry outlook explains, the pandemic saw consumer behaviors and expectations shift overnight, with technological adoption…

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