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Resistance (RES): Privacy-Focused DEX

Resistance Quick Stats

TOTAL SUPPLY:126,000,000
BLOCK TARGET:60 seconds

The biggest blockchains in the world are not privacy oriented and for many the ability to profit from mining the coins is a distant dream in the face of large-scale miners. Resistance was made to address these two issues through their decentralized exchange (ResDEX) and their innovative approach to mining. ResDEX uses the Resistance coin as an intermediary during trades to add privacy and help prevent transaction tracking. CoinPayments now offers Resistance (RES) payment processing to our merchants worldwide.

How Does Resistance Work?

Resistance (RES) is supported by its privacy-focuses blockchain and is can be used as a trading intermediary on the Resistance decentralized exchange to facilitate private trading.

The goal of ResDEX is said best by the Resistance team:

We want to make decentralized cryptocurrency trading accessible to all users so every trader can take advantage of the advanced security features decentralized exchanges provide. We hope to encourage mass adoption by tackling the problems that plagued decentralized exchanges prior to Resistance by making it easy for users to enter the crypto space.

– Resistance Team

The ResDEX protects the user’s privacy in several ways:

  1. By allowing them the option to route transactions and trades through Tor.
  2. By not having a registration process for trades and withdrawal limits.
  3. By not having a third-party escrow service.
  4. By having Atomic swaps which allow users to trade up to 95% of existing cryptocurrencies directly with one another.
  5. By harnessing RES as an intermediary to achieve private trades between almost any cryptocurrency pair.

Resistance also aims to bring fairness and inclusivity to its mining by tackling the dominance of ASICS through democratic CPU-optimized mining and reward splitting.

Why Choose Resistance?

Resistance (RES), along with the ResDEX, claims to address some of the trickiest issues currently plaguing blockchain and cryptocurrency – privacy and fair mining. Through their innovative approach to these problems, they claim to have developed an inclusive and easy to use ecosystem that will help further adoption and bring new users into the crypto space. Merchants can now start accepting Resistance (RES) payments today!


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