Radio Caca Token (RACA)

DEVELOPMENT STAGE:Universal Metaverse (USM) Chain Mainnet Launch - June 2022
CURRENT SUPPLY:190,899,910,285 RACA
TOTAL SUPPLY:432,955,500,084 RACA
PROOF TYPE:Proof of Stake (Binance Smart Chain) & Proof of Work (Ethereum)

RACA is the native token for the Radio Caca, a blockchain project with many applications.

The team defines the project as “a decentralized organization (DAO) operated by internet-native individuals all over the globe who share a single vision of building a brave new virtual world.”

But more than a DAO, Radio Caca is a complete blockchain ecosystem, consisting of the following applications:

  • The United States of Mars (USM), a 3D planet-world metaverse where users can own lands, build stores and art galleries, create and play games.
  • Metamon, a play-to-earn game where you can own and transfer NFTs called Metamon.
  • NFT Market, where you can trade different assets and non-fungible tokens.

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