DhabiCoin (DBC)

CREATION DATE:January 2022
TOTAL SUPPLY:3 000 000 000 DBC

DhabiCoin (DBC) is a BEP20 token created in the Binance Smart Chain with high levels of security and decentralization. The goal of this token is to become a utility token as a means of payment for tourism, exchange, and services.

The total supply is limited to a maximum of 3 billion DBC tokens, of which more than 235 million are already in circulation.

According to their website, DhabiCoin has been listed in 6 exchanges worldwide: BigONE, Hotbit, Latoken, Coinbene, PancakeSwap, and LBank.

The project has very ambitious plans for 2022, including the creation of its 2.0 platform, its own payment gateway, and even its own metaverse.

Know more about DhabiCoin (DBC) in their social media profiles:

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