DIVI Project

Divi Project (DIVI): The User-Friendly Smart Wallet

DIVI Quick Stats

CREATION DATE:September, 2018
CURRENT SUPPLY:1,410,428,159
TOTAL SUPPLY:1,410,428,159
BLOCK TARGET:60 seconds

There are many cryptocurrencies out on the market but very few cryptocurrency financial platforms which can help a user streamline the process of buying, owning, and using digital currencies. The Divi Project aims to bring ease of use to the whole cryptocurrency financial experience by providing a user-friendly financial platform for the new digital monetary world without sacrificing the security of blockchain. CoinPayments is happy to integrate the Divi Project into our platform to help bring a comprehensive cryptocurrency financial platform into the spotlight and allow our merchants to accept DIVI payments around the world.

How Does Divi Work?

The Divi Project is an all-encompassing financial platform, so there is more depth to the project than just the Divi Coin. The platform itself got started using the Ethereum blockchain and utilizing an ERC20 token called DIVX, which in September 2018 was swapped for DIVI when the project’s main net came online for the first time.

The Divi platform was designed with user experience in mind. Their goal is to help with mass adoption by solving the key adoption issues of Bitcoin such as scalability, speed, cost and ease of use. Therefore, the product was designed with the user in mind, and not from a purely technical mindset.

A user-friendly Smart Wallet allows the account holder to interact with their cryptocurrency and the tools of the platform without the usual pain points that one comes across with other cryptocurrency platforms. The Smart Wallet also offers access to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, as well as additional security features like vaulting and PIN codes for transactions, plus atomic swapping which allows for instantaneous coin swaps.

The main net offers a master node system which encourages participation by holders of DIVI. Master node holders and other stakers in the network holding more than 10,000 DIVI will be eligible to win a lottery block once per week which will offer a reward to one successful miner of 252,000 DIVI, plus rewards to ten others of 25,200 DIVI. This is a process which is currently unique in the crypto world.

Why Choose the Divi Project?

There is still plenty of space for cryptocurrencies to grow in the world. Projects which emphasize usability and a user experience which can bring in novices to the digital financial world should be supported so the market can grow into the future. The common person doesn’t have the time to learn all there is about cryptocurrency, and so designing a platform with ease of use and user adoption in mind, will eventually win the day. CoinPayments shares this vision and is happy to offer DIVI payments through our platform.


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