Can Plastic Be Money? Now It’s Possible Thanks to Blockchain

Social enterprise mastermind David Katz explains how plastic waste can change the world when paired with blockchain technology, in the latest episode of Off the Ledger with Jason Butcher. Don’t miss our new podcast airing every Wednesday on CoinPayments Media and Spotify!

Blockchain doesn’t deserve the bad rap it gets. The remarkable technology can be used to make the world a better place, and our newest guest is one of the first entrepreneurs to prove it. 

David Katz is the founder and CEO of Plastic Bank, a company that is completely revolutionizing the way we recycle…using blockchain. Plastic Bank is essentially a global chain of stores for the poor, where everything in the store can be purchased using “garbage.” The plastic is then recycled and sold to manufacturers of products across various industries, effectively creating a sustainable and reliable supply chain through the use of blockchain tech. 

Social enterprises like Plastic Bank have the ability to revolutionize the world, as consumers, collectors, retailers, and suppliers benefit in a “win-win-win” scenario. 

“It’s an abundance mindset business model,” David told Jason. 

According to David, the world is being ushered into a new era, where passive measures no longer make the cut. The new economy is purpose-driven, and regenerative organizations, those that work proactively to repair the damage done to our environment, are leading the way. 

Involvement starts within, and as this generation becomes hyper-aware of issues like climate change and plastic waste, they need to start demanding more from retailers if they hope to witness real change.

“Every time you buy something, you vote for it. Every time you buy something that’s detrimental to society, they’ll just continue to produce it, because that’s what you’re voting for.” 

Blockchain provides the space to give high value to low-value items, by using the tech to break new ground for promoting sustainability.

“We use blockchain to authenticate, to give transparency and traceability, and everything else that our customers, our collectors, and ourselves rely upon so we can be effective and efficient in the world.”

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