The NFT Craze and The Serendipity of Crypto Events – Moe Levin

Crypto veteran and conference revolutionary Moe Levin offers unique insights on industry trends in the latest episode of Off the Ledger with Jason Butcher.

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Moe Levin, an industry veteran since 2012, knows how to throw an event. He’s the CEO & Co-founder at Keynote, the largest media and events company in the crypto space. Keynote founded the first bitcoin conference in 2013 — the now-renowned North American Bitcoin Conference, and later the World Blockchain Forums, amongst many others. 

Moe’s forums have hosted industry giants, created remarkable collaborations, and revolutionized ideas. During the episode, Moe speaks about the early days of the crypto industry, and what it has turned into during a Covid-19 ridden world. He recalls the day Ethereum first launched on the North American Bitcoin Conference stage in 2014, and speaks about the role of online events for future crypto conferences.

“I often call the events serendipity machines, where it’s just a weird machine where 5,000 people go in, serendipity happens, and then tens of thousands of ideas come out,” he explains. 

The episode also highlights the impact of regulations on present crypto-adoption. Jason and Moe are both champions of regulations, so long as governmental guidance does not clash with prospects of growth and innovation. Moe noted during the interview:

“The governments that have taken a position, positively, towards crypto, are the places that people move their companies to.”

We also got to hear very interesting observations on CBDCs, NFTs, and how the crypto industry is no longer in its infancy. Moe, being a leading investor on many up-and-coming projects, also shared tips and tricks on his personal investment strategies, offering people who are entering the space right now advice on how to navigate the complex world of crypto and blockchain. 

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