Bitcoin and Ethereum are Really Just Energy-Backed Assets Says Expert

Aydin Kilic, President and Chief Operating Officer of HIVE Blockchain Technologies, joins Jason Butcher on the season finale of Off the Ledger to share his insights on why we’re now past the early stages of crypto adoption, what cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH are backed by, and important considerations investors need to make before targeting the crypto mining space. Now live on CoinPayments Media and Spotify!

Entrepreneur, cryptocurrency whiz, blockchain mining and capital markets expert, real-estate aficionado, engineer… Aydin Kilic certainly has many strings to his bow, and a great deal of expertise to bring to his new role at HIVE. So, he was the perfect guest to close out the debut season of Off the Ledger, and we couldn’t wait to see where the conversation with Jason would go.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, Aydin is optimistic about what’s to come, noting that, “It’s an exciting time, and everyone is starting to get it.”

“The more 0% rate policy, the more inflation, the more volatility we see in the traditional markets, the more people will be drawn to cryptocurrency […] While there has been more adoption and understanding, I think there is more growth ahead of us,” he added.  

Jason compared this curve to the introduction and growth of the internet in the 90s. “I think we’re already starting to see this massive adoption at a rate that’s far greater than the internet,” he said. 

The conversation moves on to cover Aydin’s entrepreneurial journey and entry into the crypto mining industry, as well as his experience taking his business public. Talking about the motivations behind building an environmentally-conscious crypto mining company, Aydin explains:  “It’s about using renewable sources of power and being mindful of your carbon footprint.”

He added, “Even if you were just a pure capitalist, there is still your incentive to be ESG-conscious, as that’s is where [investment] capital is going. You want to be a smart business, you’ve got to evolve with the times.”

Don’t miss this season-wrap episode! You can catch Season 1 here. And get ready, Season 2 is just around the corner! 

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