Zynecoin (ZYN)


CREATION DATE:January 23, 2019
TOTAL SUPPLY:100,150,000 ZYN
PROOF TYPE:Proof of Stake Voting
BLOCK TARGET:2 seconds


Zynecoin is the native token supporting all dApps on the Wethio Protocol.

Wethio is the first decentralized ledger to be born and based in Africa to stimulate the African economy by supporting, nurturing, and rewarding entrepreneurs and their startups.

Backed by the robust Ethereum blockchain, Zynecoin is levelling out the playing field for all underserved economies that lack the necessary infrastructure to compete at a global level.

Truly aiming at “banking the unbanked,” the Zynecoin is built on a collaborative model that allows anyone, regardless of their computing abilities, to participate in and profit from blockchain operations, even if they only use mobile technology, which accounts for the majority of the African continent.

As a result, the Wethio Blockchain encourages more participants to mine Zynecoin, thus increasing the number of nodes and transaction speeds, leading to widespread adoption.

Zynecoins focuses on providing a revolutionary and innovative solution that will soon become a catalyst in unleashing the grandiose market potential of the African continent.

CoinPayments is happy to provide Store, Send & Receive functionalities to ZYN. Zynecoins’ team is doing good work, and we’re here for it!

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