Tronipay (TRP): International Card Solutions for Crypto

Tronipay Quick Stats

TYPE:ERC20 Token
TOTAL SUPPLY:100,000,000

Tronipay is a fintech platform with the goal of making international finance and payments easier for everyone. Since 2014, the Tronipay solution has been focused on providing cards which can be used as universal payment devices regardless of where you are around the world. This level of ease and flexibility will speak to those who are constantly on the go and would like their funds to be as mobile as they are. Now, with the Tronipay token (TRP), the company has their own digital currency which can be utilized through the cards as easily as the dollar can be used as well. CoinPayments is happy to provide Tronipay (TRP) payment processing to our merchants to encourage flexible and borderless finances.

How Does Tronipay Work?

The Tronipay platform revolves around the universal payment cards offered by the company. These cards can be used anywhere in the world and are particularly useful in places such as South America and Asia, with integrations such as AliPay and UnionPay helping expand the value of the card significantly. The cards can be loaded up in many ways, including debit and credit cards, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency.

The platform has many other features for its users that help them control their personal finances. It allows for control of different portfolios of digital assets, so they can be all in the same place for ease of oversight. Further, the user can deposit, withdraw, transfer, set up payments, and even do mobile recharging from their Tronipay account.

The security of the platform is solid, with a rigid protocol and over 400 rules of analysis to combat any malicious activity. You can feel secure knowing your finances are in good hands.

The Tronipay token (TRP) has just wrapped up its ICO and is the new digital currency of the Tronipay platform. The token can be used like other currencies that are loaded onto the card and is instantly useable through the cards for purchasing purposes. The token is built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token and as a hard cap of 100 million units in the ecosystem.

Why Choose Tronipay?

Tronipay already has vast expertise in the fintech space and has provided great value to their users through their universal payment cards. Now with the addition of their own token, the platform will be more integrated in the cryptocurrency space and offer more options for users to use cryptocurrencies in their financial lives. Merchants who wish to offer prepaid cards to their customers can now do so with one that has the reach and a link to cryptocurrency as well. Start accepting Tronipay (TRP) payments and support a fintech platform built to make life easier for global card payments.


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