Syscoin (SYS)

SYSCOIN (SYS): A Decentralized E-Commerce Platform


CREATION DATE:July 16, 2014
CURRENT SUPPLY:531,473,122
TOTAL SUPPLY:888,000,000

CoinPayments offers Syscoin payment processing options that allow merchants to receive, send and store Syscoin.

Buyers becoming more aware of the benefits of blockchain technology can be drawn to a new type of buying and selling – a decentralized marketplace offering peer to peer transactions without the middleman.

Syscoin claims to offer one of the most advanced e-commerce infrastructures available in the market, where assets, data and digital certificates can be traded securely and efficiently on the blockchain, for minimal network fees and no processing fees.

Syscoin boasts that their blockchain has a wide array of features that make it a far more advanced protocol than its predecessor Bitcoin, who some may argue its now “old technology”.

Currently, Syscoin is merged mined with bitcoin, piggy backing on the security of the most powerful and oldest blockchain in existence.

Similar to our very own CoinPayments $PayByName, an alias can be purchased for the Syscoin blockchain, acting much like a domain name, it replaces a long and complex coin address with a name that’s unique to the user.

In recent days, Syscoin alongside Blockchain Foundry – a tech development and consulting company, have announced the launch of Sys 3.0, an upgrade which will see improvements such as masternodes and the innovative Z-DAG protocol which makes transactions almost instantaneous without the need for confirmation.

Syscoin’s team is made up of some of the most tech savvy minds in the field, with Jag Sidhu as the core developer of Syscoin and CTO of Blockchain Foundry, this Vancouver based team is on the shortlist of becoming a powerhouse in today’s fintech scene. Another blockchain, technology and web solutions company of note in the Vancouver, BC area is Symbio Technologies.


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