Dynasty (DYNS) Token


CREATION DATE:25/11/2019
DEVELOPMENT STAGE:05/08/2021 (listed on exchanges)
CURRENT SUPPLY:96,513 tokens
TOTAL SUPPLY:21,000,000 divided in 4 tranches of 5,250,000 tokens per year
PROOF TYPE:Proof of State (PoS)

Dynasty token (D¥NS) is an ERC-20 smart contract token issued at the Dynasty platform to allow global token transactions. Merging real estate and Blockchain technology, DYNS is designed to accommodate a broad range of transactions as well as enable holders to convert their money to and from DYNS tokens, using the full security and convenience of blockchain technology. 

According to the company’s Whitepaper, DYNS has the following advantages:

  • DYNS is kept in a digital wallet, and all transactions are fully managed and validated by blockchain technology.
  • DYNS can be bought and sold easily. Fast transactions and independent from the traditional methods.
  • Dynasty will provide an advantage for retailers to accept and hold DYNS.
  • DYNS gives access to every type of crypto holder.
  • DYNS can be used as a payment token and in the future, payment terminals will be compatible.
  • Global liquidity through the Buy-Back & Burn procedure.
  • No bureaucracy to enter and exit on the DYNS token once it is listed in global exchanges.

How does the Buy-Back & Burn procedure work?

DYNS token is linked to ultra-premium property assets being acquired by Dynasty Global Investments AG in major cities around the world. As tokens are sold, funds will be used to acquire more top-notch real estate, and with revenues from the properties, Dynasty will buy back DYNS from the market to be burnt, thereby reducing circulation supply. 

“Being part of such an innovative project as CoinPayments, demonstrates that cryptocurrencies play an important role in the financial world of today,” said Fabio Asdurian, the Founder of Dynasty Global Investments AG. 

DYNS is now live on the CoinPayments platform, so you can store, send, and receive $DYNS! 


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