Crown (CRW): Revolutionizing the Blockchain Economy, One Transaction at a Time


CREATION DATE:October, 2014
TOTAL SUPPLY:42,000,000
BLOCK TARGET:60 seconds

As both a leading digital token (CRW) and a self-sustainable blockchain platform for building and running economic applications, the Crown platform is truly revolutionary. CoinPayments is proud to offer Crown payment processing to the active and loyal user community of the Crown Platform.

While the Crown platform itself is vast and diverse, most of the community use the platform as a payment service, proof of data integrity, and a support structure for projects ranging from cloud businesses to apps. Crown has chosen to prioritize their user’s ease of use, privacy, and overall platform functionality over hyper charging profits. Instead of incredibly inflated, unstable growth, Crown has chosen the path of natural progressive success.

The Crown Platform is built to thrive as more users lend their talents and passion. As the platform grows, it’s potential to promote innovation grows exponentially.

“Crown isn’t just a team of cryptocurrency experts; it’s a thriving community of people who aspire to understand and leverage blockchain technology.” – The Crown Squad

The main goal of Crown’s platform is to create a community of dedicated users who maintain a free, legally compliant, open-access and decentralized economy. The Crown Platform creates this self-governing community so that users can dictate which user ideas and initiatives to fund through a democratic voting system.

Every person with a stake in the network through node ownership and maintenance has a say in how it’s operated and developed. The Crown platform itself will enable community members to legally and transparently trade goods, host applications, store value and manage contractual relationships through the power of blockchain.

How it Works?

To provide scalability and a system that is fault-tolerant, the Crown Platform utilizes secure servers (incentivized nodes) for economic applications. In fact, members of the Crown community can set up their own incentivized nodes to earn CRW while helping to maintain the network.

Built on integrity and transparency as main guiding principles, the Crown community influences every aspect of how the platform is run. Instead of shady backroom deals, Crown’s goal is to build a community of dedicated users unified under one vision—a free and open-access decentralized sandbox economy enabled by blockchain technology.

Why Choose Crown?

Build your Private Kingdom with Crown!

Being unlike any other group in the crypto space, the Crown community is a thriving, dedicated, but also incredibly private oasis. The company’s focus is on fostering a beautiful, sustainable environment and platform for developers, merchants and communities.

If you’re interested in ushering in social and technological improvements in your own life, as well as others, the Crown Platform is exactly what you’re looking for.

Integrate CoinPayments into your ecommerce platform and start to accept Crown (CRW) payments in your store today!


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