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Commons OS (COM): A Blockchain to Manage Nations

Commons OS Quick Stats

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The applicability of blockchain has been theorized to be vast, ranging from finances to logistics and supply chain. The use cases for the technology are numerous but cover primarily private sector processes and innovations. There has not been as much focus on what blockchain can do at the government level, or how it can help citizens in the public sphere. That is where Commons OS focuses their energy – at creating a revolutionary blockchain-based country management tool for modern tech-based countries, which is why CoinPayments is happy to facilitate Commons OS (COM Coin) payment processing!

How Does Commons OS Work?

Commons OS is a platform designed for modernizing national government bureaucracy while promoting transparency and accountability in their function. The mission is to offer a technical solution to governments to help them better organize their information.

The platform is quick to set up, able to be functional in less than 30 minutes, and just requires the data regarding current sitting parliament members, government officials, and population databases are imported as an information base from which to start. The platform is secure, the information of each country stored in an isolated environment with strong encryption used for all data and communications while maintaining compliance with international data handling and storage standards. Commons OS is highly customizable and can work with any nation on the earth regardless of population size or the type of government. All platform features, dashboards, and notifications are fully customizable. The main features of the platform also include strong authentication services, secure communications, smart contracts that can be used for voting processes, and APIs which can be used for various other purposes and statistical analysis.

The platform has a mobile wallet as well which pairs with the Commons token (COM). This wallet can be used in conjunction with the Commons OS platform and is able to be paired with a community coin of the user’s design.

Why Choose Commons OS?

Commons OS is a community based, forward looking technology which is reimagining the way that our nations are governed and is doing so by utilizing blockchain technology. With Commons OS, governance can be brought into the 21st century thanks to blockchain.

For more information about our integration with Commons OS, or to learn about Commons OS (COM) payments, please get in touch with us.


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