Bistroo Token (BIST)


DEVELOPMENT STAGE:Platform live, further development ongoing
TARGET SPACING:13 sec, 5 sec

Bringing the food and crypto enthusiasts together, Bistroo token ($BIST) gives restaurants and food businesses access to decentralized finance by building a strong Bistroo ecosystem and community around it. BIST facilitates a borrowing/lending infrastructure that is completely decentralized and transparent through smart contracts, so food businesses can request funding from the community and borrow BIST to supercharge their offerings. 

One of the benefits of the BIST token is that enables efficient and discounted payment transactions of end-users and merchants. For example, consumers can buy food and products at a discounted price due to transaction fee savings and token-back programs, and merchants can use it to acquire significantly discounted access to premium back-office merchant features like advertising, extensive data reporting, and promotions. Revenue acquired to these subscription or payment models are either reintegrated into the community reward systems, burned, or kept in reserve as earnings.

Consumer benefits:

  • A 2% cashback discount for purchasing food with BIST
  • A 1% cashback in BIST tokens when paying with crypto
  • Earning BIST for inviting a friend or introducing a restaurant
  • Getting rewarded for generating and sharing your user-data
  • Earning BIST for reviewing your ordered food or restaurant

Merchant benefits:

  • Merchants can ‘stake’ BIST to get even lower commission fees
  • Receiving financing & advanced payments on orders (DeFi)
  • Using BIST for targeted advertising or rewarding loyal customers
  • Unlocking premium dashboard features and store enhancements
  • Everyone can earn BIST by staking BIST and providing liquidity 

“We’re glad to be part of the CoinPayments merchant ecosystem and allow our holders to utilize BIST outside of our platform.” CEO, Bas Roos.

You can now send, store, and receive $BIST through the CoinPayments platform!


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