1irstgold (1GOLD)


CREATION DATE:7th June 2019
TOTAL SUPPLY:1,000,000,000
BLOCK TARGET:10 to 20 seconds

Gold trading made easy

For centuries, gold has been regarded as an eternal store of value that is more or less stable, safe and exclusive. No matter what country you live in and what fiat currency you use, gold has the same spot price internationally at any given moment. And due to its scarcity, the supply of gold remains disproportionately low, regardless of demand. 

In times of uncertainty, gold has always been the traditional solution to hedge against stock market volatility. But for the past decade, a newer digital alternative has emerged and started to challenge the old-school safe-haven – cryptocurrencies. But aside from Bitcoin, which is the pioneer of crypto, there are a lot of other options that are more suitable for different needs and purposes. 

Could you ever imagine having 24/7 universal access to your physical precious metal stocks available to you 365 days a year? 1irstgold coin claims it will soon be possible to store, trade, and dispense the real gold from the particular ATM network designed and owned by 1irstcoin LLC.

By connecting the world of precious metals and the crypto world, 1irstgold claims to be merging the past with the future in order to provide better financial solutions and opportunities for everyone. 

According to the 1irstgold team, the owner of a 1irstgold billing unit is guaranteed the output value of one gram of fine gold regardless of price developments. Any unused unit can be reimbursed against a refund of the current daily price at the time of return. Moreover, the ATM network guarantees the purchase of physical gold by issuing 20 grams of fine gold bars in a standardized blister format, though the company also offers customized solutions. 

As the new-generation cryptocurrency, 1irstgold claims their tokens provide better liquidity options for trading, payments, and transfers compared to the real gold bars. The recent integration with CoinPayments will now support 1irstgold (1GOLD) payments through any of the prebuilt plugins and integrations.

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