Market Your Business To Crypto Users Like A Pro!

Other merchants are 3 steps ahead of you!

If you haven’t already integrated CoinPayments into your business, then it’s time to open the doors to the countless opportunities that come with crypto payments. Accepting crypto is easier than you may think, and marketing this seamless payment method to your customers can significantly boost sales and give you a visible advantage over your traditional-thinking competitors. 

Already have CoinPayments set up in your store? Then, we’re here to support you one step further! Let us help you raise awareness among your existing and potential customers. 

Qualifying CoinPayments merchants will get the following: 

  • Mentions in our prominent Merchant Spotlight blog series 
  • A special shoutout across our social media channels, reaching over 55,000 followers  
  • Mentions in our popular monthly newsletter, CoinPulse, which goes out to half a million users globally.   

Together, we will reach a larger audience and help your business get more exposure. Adding crypto as a payment method on your store will be a great PR move as your customers, who are already using cryptocurrencies, are more likely to tell their friends about the new crypto-friendly merchant they’ve found.

As an alternative means of exchange and an anti-inflation solution, cryptocurrencies have become a real engine of progress. Crypto payments will help you stay on top of your e-commerce game, allowing you to attract new clients and offer more payment options to the existing ones. 

CoinPayments works with the world’s leading e-commerce platforms to deliver seamless integration for businesses. We offer plugins and integrations with the most popular platforms, and for customized requirements, we offer a set of unique APIs

Our merchants also benefit from: 

  • Low processing fees (only 0.5%) and no chargebacks
  • Secure transactions and lower fraud risk as all crypto transactions are final and cannot be altered, giving you more control over your funds.  
  • Protected customer data as you do not need to gather and store any sensitive information. Transaction data is limited to certain numbers, such as the transaction ID and the wallet address. 
  • Instant payments from around the world without paying international fees or waiting for them to be processed. If you’re looking to acquire international customers, crypto payments are a must. 

It’s time for your business to start accepting cryptocurrency payments, and reap the benefits of this additional revenue stream! 

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