Crazy8Token (CR8)

CR8 QUICK STATS Crazy8Token (CR8) – the Leading Payment Solution for Casinos Cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity as an international digital currency. This technology is setting up a new phase of economy parallel to the traditional currency-based economy. Cryptocurrency and blockchain transactions are becoming more popular. Many industries are adopting this technology as a payment option since it is fast, secure and decentralized. As cryptocurrency continues to revolutionize different industry, they have also enabled a new online platform for gaming, gambling, and lottery. More gamblers are also switching to…

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CSC QUICK STATS CasinoCoin; The Blockchain for Gaming Cryptocurrency in the online gambling world has seen enormous growth over the last few years. This surge is a testament to the ever-changing gaming industry and the world’s careful steps in incorporating cryptocurrencies into an already risky market. Cryptocurrencies are changing the playing field, and the gaming industry is merely one of the many sectors that heavily highlights the global dominance of crypto.  Many would disagree that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, but “blockchain technology” is, without a doubt, one of the…

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ZYNECOIN QUICK STATS (ZYN) ACCOMPANY AFRICA’S POTENTIAL Zynecoin is the native token supporting all dApps on the Wethio Protocol. Wethio is the first decentralized ledger to be born and based in Africa to stimulate the African economy by supporting, nurturing, and rewarding entrepreneurs and their startups. Backed by the robust Ethereum blockchain, Zynecoin is levelling out the playing field for all underserved economies that lack the necessary infrastructure to compete at a global level. Truly aiming at “banking the unbanked,” the Zynecoin is built on a collaborative model that allows anyone, regardless…

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WOM Protocol (WOM)

WOM Protocol (WOM): Honest Word Of Mouth Recommendations. A blockchain built with consumers in mind, WOM protocol rewards content creators’ honest feedback with WOM token, a cryptocurrency now fully integrated within the CoinPayments crypto-commerce platform. Word of Mouth recommendations for products and businesses are shared online nearly 2.1 billion times each day. Since the beginning of mass-scale production, Word-of-Mouth has proved to be the most effective marketing strategy to date.

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TerraCredit (CREDIT): Designed for mass adoption CREDIT Quick Stats What is TerraCredit?   A decentralized digital payment solution, CREDIT aims to become the world’s TOP currency for the unbanked adult population. CREDIT is built on Proof-Of Stake protocol and its speed allows for a fast transaction; Transactions on the TerraCredit blockchain show instantly and are coins are spend-able within 1 minute, making CREDIT a viable replacement to cash and a rewarding option attractive to new users.   CoinPayments prides itself on the easy to use platform we offer and are always excited…

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DEFIS (XGM): Decentralized Financial System XGM Quick Stats CoinPayments is now fully integrated with XGM token to provide easy payment processing for all of our online merchants! Introducing DEFIS (XGM) Launched in June 2020, XGM is the newest token on the DEFIS blockchain. Built on top of cryptographic primitives XGM is a next-gen Decentralized Financial System that allows owners of different cryptocurrencies to earn interest, borrow, exchange and create custom cryptocurrencies on DEFIS in a completely decentralized and anonymous manner. Since Bitcoin had emerged in 2011, Blockchain has disrupted many…

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ILCOIN - Cryptocurrency payment solutions

ILCoin (ILC): Where Not Only Cryptocurrency is Smart ILC Quick Stats ILCoin integration is now LIVE! Store, send and receive ILCoin payments in your CoinPayments wallet today! We are Introducing ILC Cryptocurrency ILCoin is mined using SHA-256 Proof-of-Work (POW) technology. The ambition of ILCoin is to become the foundation of a new, global digital currency-based economic system. ILCoin entered the market in 2015. Today, this Blockchain Project is more than just crypto: it focuses on solving some of the most pressing problems in the industry, increasing blockchain’s usability, and finding…

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Binance USD

Binance USD BUSD - CoinPayments

Binance USD (BUSD): A U.S. dollar-backed stablecoin BUSD Quick Stats CoinPayments is happy to have successfully integrated BUSD cryptocurrency to our growing list of payment solutions. Merchants can now choose to accept BUSD payments for their business. Binance USD (BUSD) is a 1:1 USD-backed stable coin issued by Binance. Launched on 5 Sep 2019, BUSD aims to integrate the stability of the dollar with blockchain technology. This digital fiat currency is issued as an ERC-20 token. Stablecoins have grown exponentially in popularity over the last years. And for a good…

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GUAP Coin cryptocurrency payment solutions

GUAP Coin (GUAP): Is the cryptocurrency for the culture GUAP Quick Stats What is GUAP Coin? GUAP Coin is a decentralized digital coin founded by people of colour that can be traded between peers instantly. GUAP Coin is fast, secure, and highly scalable. Guap Coin is for everybody but our primary mission is to uplift those economic communities that have been left out of the cryptocurrency revolution. GUAP is a next-level initiative that infuses the “Buy Black” movement with blockchain technology to incentivize the black community to invest in itself.…

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