CoinSwap Space Token (CSS)


CREATION DATE:30.04.2021
DEVELOPMENT STAGE:15% of total supply in circulation
TOTAL SUPPLY:19,999,999
ALGORITHM:Binance Smart Chain
PROOF TYPE:Liquidity Mining
TARGET SPACING:Block every 3 sec (Binance smart chain performance)

CoinSwap Space Token (CSS) is a utility and governance token with an initial supply of 400,000 tokens and a maximum supply of 19,999,999. It is connected to the CoinSwap Space decentralized exchange and offers token staking which will reward users with CSS. 

“We have always prioritized based on the famous quote of CZ, the CEO @Binance, which is “Create utility. The price will follow utility”. So on the brink of launching our CSS-based major travel platform and skill-based game, it is highly exciting for Coinswap Space to now have the native token CSS able to be utilized on CoinPayments, which is doing a fantastic job on the marketplace” – Coinswap Space Executive.  

CoinSwap is now fully integrated with the CoinPayments platform so our merchants can now receive, store, and send payments in $CSS. 


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