How Simplifying Blockchain CAN Actually Save The World – Anthony Day

IBM blockchain partner, podcast host, and industry expert Anthony Day, explains how keeping it simple and relatable can drive worldwide blockchain adoption in the latest episode of Off the Ledger with Jason Butcher. 

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Words like blockchain and crypto have been in heavy circulation recently, but there’s still a gap in knowledge of their multi-layered use cases. The lack of awareness in the space is a pressing issue that our guest today is trying to solve in more ways than one. 

Anthony Day is a blockchain partner at IBM and host of the popular “Blockchain Won’t Save the World” podcast. He leads digital transformations for IBM clients, driving the adoption of new-age technology like blockchain, IoT, AI, robotics, and cloud platforms to optimize their operations. His line of work also includes settlement reconciliation for governments and organizations. 

Anthony is a strong advocate for removing the word ‘blockchain’ from the discourse altogether, opting to describe the process in a more straightforward way by using “technology transformation in a decentralized way.” As he puts it:

“Focus on real-world problems, stop calling it blockchain, talk about platforms. If we start talking about the digital capabilities required underneath the problem that we’re trying to solve, it takes away the hype and allows it to be a bit more objective.”

Anthony says blockchain can help us create connected, transparent, and automated supply chains while improving visibility, environmental, social, and governance performance around sustainability, and peer-to-peer trading of assets. By working together on a common platform, we can almost save the world using blockchain (for lack of a better word.)

The conversation further expands to cover a broader range of topics. Anthony and Jason delve into what the next ten years in decentralized finance will look like, how to drive blockchain awareness and adoption, and how decentralization can enable corporations’ sustainability. Anthony’s primary pursuit, however, is driving adoption and delivering education. He also discusses his podcast, “Blockchain Won’t Save the World,” and his most recent international series while emphasizing: 

“To really drive adoption, we need to keep it simple: teach people how the technology can actually enhance their lives.”

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