Here’s How to Make Blockchains Truly Private – Oliver Gale

Blockchain entrepreneur and privacy wizard Oliver Gale fills us in on what we need to know.

You won’t want to miss episode #2 of Off the Ledger because it’s all about the most valuable asset class in the world: data. 

More specifically, YOUR data — and how technologies like zero knowledge proofs can help protect it as more industries tap into blockchain. 

Our CEO Jason Butcher spoke with Panther Protocol co-founder and CEO Oliver Gale on his fight for our right to privacy and how he’s developing protocols to ensure on-chain user data remains protected. 

They also touched on the SEC’s latest stance on crypto regulation, how the EU is helping people take ownership of their data, and where privacy protocols are especially necessary. 

A vocal champion for privacy rights, Oliver breaks down why we need to demand data protection as crypto becomes more prevalent, and how his own journey with Panther Protocol has tackled the issue of privacy in DeFi. He also explains why the current global compliance framework is inefficient, to say the least… 

“For every $99 of every $100 spent on compliance globally, there is a 1% success rate, or $1 success rate,” he said. 

Oliver said governments are missing the mark when it comes to crypto regulation, pointing out that the approach being taken by regulators in the U.S. needs to change before blockchain innovation is completely driven out. He also highlighted that while governments are eager to access people’s private data on the blockchain in the name of “transparency,” they’d be quick to protect their own if someone wants to access it. 

“Privacy is always a bad word unless it’s yours.”

Oliver Gale is the founder of Panther Protocol,,, Authentic Revolution, Elemental, Stone Digital, an advisor on numerous fintech projects, and the list goes on and on… When he’s not busy fighting for our right to privacy, he’s also an award-winning musician. 

Hear it all in this latest episode of Off the Ledger with Jason Butcher. 
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