Crypto is So Much More Than Speculation, According to Lev Mazur

Investing veteran and founder of the world’s fastest-growing trading platform, Quantfury, Lev Mazur joins Jason Butcher for this week’s Off the Ledger to share how the investing landscape is changing for the better (and worse), what mainstream adoption of crypto signifies, and the future of NFTs.

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For Lev Mazur, creating the Quantfury platform was about providing trading opportunities to its users with no fees and no commission, for the unmanipulated buy/sell price at the relevant exchange. This, and so much more. For Lev, “Quantfurianism” is also a business philosophy aligned on core values and integrity, where the “financial aspect is always secondary.” Quantfury users can “sense this in everything we do and our products,” says Lev, and his conviction to these ideals certainly informs many of the opinions shared during the conversation with Jason.

The evolution of the investing industry is no exception. Lev started trading in the early 90s when the industry was “less popular and less famous.” As Lev says, “back then, there was less noise; people were much more serious.” And what about today? Lev’s opinion is clear: “Today it is much less lucrative and way more simplified…everybody thinks they can do it.” When Jason asks if this has a negative impact on the markets, Lev replies, “it’s not bad, it’s just more noise.”

Lev’s opinion on speculation and the role of exchanges in creating “synthetic trading” is equally straightforward. He says:

“Binance and some other platforms are allowing people to bet if it [a stock] goes up or down, and it has nothing to do with the real price traded…most of the things exchanges do is just gambling.”

Quantfury, on the other hand, enables its users to access unadjusted prices – “not manipulated as they are on global exchanges” – for stocks, bonds, ETFs, and crypto, among other products. And blockchain forms an integral part of the platform’s model, says Lev, as it enables accessibility and transparency for the user base. 

The company’s “ethical stance” also extends to choices around cryptocurrency listings, with a focus on avoiding volatility and gambling. Dogecoin, for example, is currently not listed on Quantfury, with Lev insisting that “we are very careful what we list because we want to protect our users.” But, he admits, “things change,” so we might see Dogecoin and other similar coins listed on the platform in the future. When Jason asks about the company’s stance on NFTs, Lev offers a similar answer, saying that today he cannot see the real value in them:

“Right now we are in an analog world trying to be digital…If we find a use case that makes sense, we will list them.” 

On the topic of the crypto industry generally, Lev and Jason both agree that recent developments such as PayPal entering the space is positive. As Lev says, “the fiat system by itself is the opposite of innovation” and “crypto breaks this barrier. PayPal is just an interface.” Lev continues his exploration of the role of crypto, saying that it has the ability to offer return on investment as it inherently creates efficiencies:  

“I don’t think crypto was invented to make money, and speculation is not a good thing…It’s more about creating value.”

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