China’s Crypto Breakup, Wannabe CBDCs, and ‘Annoying’ Banks | OTL Podcast #001: Emma Todd

CoinPayments Media launched a new podcast and the debut episode is now live!

We launched a new video podcast hosted by our CEO Jason Butcher: Off The Ledger.

Off The Ledger is a weekly series where Jason talks to successful entrepreneurs and executives about crypto, blockchain, eCommerce, fintech, and more.

For the very first episode, Jason speaks with Emma Todd, the CEO of MMH Blockchain Group. She is also a board member of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium and an advisory member of Girls in Tech, with over 15 years of experience in banking and fintech. 

The conversation covers everything from China’s crypto-mining ban, the rise of institutional cryptocurrency adoption, Jamaica’s so-called CBDC, the existing gender gap in the tech space, bank transaction fees, and how regulations can hinder innovation. 

To Emma, China’s ban on crypto-mining was introduced as a means to halt competition. The newly-released Chinese governmental-issued cryptocurrency is gaining momentum in China, provoking the Chinese government to prevent competition from threatening its native currency. 

Both Emma and Jason agree that regulation is necessary. However, Emma stressed the thin line between regulation and innovation: 

“Regulations are definitely needed, but the catch is that you don’t want to necessarily go overboard, where regulations also impact innovation.” 

Government involvement in the blockchain world is also positive, with more central banks adopting blockchain technologies to explore the idea of launching their own CBDC. The Bank of Jamaica minted it’s first batch of the country’s central bank digital currency earlier this month. But, according to Emma, there’s a slight problem. 

“Jamaica’s CBDC is not on blockchain. What’s the point?”

As she explained, Jamaica has opted to use technology that is compatible with their already outdated infrastructure instead of the blockchain solutions available to them. As a Jamaican, Emma discouraged viewers from investing in this “so-called” CBDC. 

OFF THE LEDGER airs every Wednesday on CoinPayments Media and Spotify. Make sure to subscribe to our channels so you never miss an episode!

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