CoinPayments Sponsors Polycon

CoinPayments is pleased to announce our partnership with Polycon to be a presenting sponsor during the February 28 – March 3, 2018 sold-out conference being held in Bahamas and put on by Grit Capital and Polymath.

Polycon is the first crypto related conference dedicated to securities tokens and will bring together both sides of the currently split financial world and crypto/blockchain world. With big names like Patrick Byrne of, Anthony Di Iorio of Jaxx & Decentral and Bill Tai of BitFury all providing keynote addresses, it’s guaranteed that guests will benefit from their words of wisdom!

Bringing traditional financial products into a securities token, stored on the blockchain is the goal of Polymath and an event like Polycon is the first step in this inevitable direction. Bringing together some of the top minds in both the financial and blockchain sectors will ensure a smooth, quick and secure transition for the tokenization of traditional securities.

CoinPayments will be both sponsoring and speaking throughout Polycon 2018, discussing the state of cryptocurrency payment transactions.

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