CUE Token (CUE)


CREATION DATE:Launched on 15th March, 2021
ALGORITHM:Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Launched on Binance Smart Chain earlier this year, CUE Token (CUE) comes with a few interesting features. Because of its low supply – only 10,000 tokens – no more minting can be done and 2,000 tokens are locked for liquidity. 

Unlike many other crypto tokens, CUE allows its community to vote and decide how 100% of the governance wallet should be spent, including the possibility to burn the whole amount at each voting period. Every 2.5% of any transaction goes to the governance wallet so the circulating supply keeps decreasing. 

CUE has the whole ecosystem where each additional dApp released will provide more utility and for the Q3/Q4 of this year, the company is planning to release mobile apps for the CUE Hub. 

CUE token holders can also receive unique NFTs and start their own collection of rare copies. For example, you can get a common NFT card for holding CUE for 45 days, or you can receive a rare one for holding your crypto for 90 days. 

The great news? You may now send, store, and receive CUE Token with CoinPayments!

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