BizzCoin (BIZZ)


TOTAL SUPPLY:320,000,000

Cryptocurrencies have been in the limelight lately and the growing interest has opened up the world to a slew of digital assets to choose from.

Whether you are just looking to invest or simply looking to transact with these new types of digital currencies, what’s most crucial is to find the right cryptocurrency for you. Some projects just offer digital tokens while others provide a more comprehensive ecosystem to complement its token, enabling usability from the start.    

CoinPayments is continuously striving to bring more cryptocurrency payment options to its community, and the recent integration of BizzCoin can open up exciting opportunities for new and existing users. 

Designed on the Ethereum blockchain, BizzCoin is a part of the entire BIZZ ecosystem, which includes the following:

  • BizzMart, where you can shop your favourite brands and buy gift cards;
  • BizzTravel, where you can find the best deals for travel and vacations;
  • BizzWallet, an IOS and Android crypto wallet;
  • BizzExchange, a trading platform with a referral program;
  • POS Systems that enable local stores to accept BizzCoin;
  • BizzATM, a hassle-free tool for converting cash into crypto and crypto into cash;
  • iPay, a crypto-friendly banking platform that accommodates business and personal accounts where you can keep your fiat as well as your digital currencies.

With a total of 320 million BIZZ tokens to be minted and distributed, the company is planning to complete the final steps of perfecting their ecosystem in Q4 of 2021. 

CoinPayments is happy to announce the integration of BizzCoin, so our merchants can store, send and receive BizzCoin payments for their business needs.

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