Money Printing and Growing Crypto Adoption Go Hand-in-Hand – Daniel Gouldman

CEO & Co-founder of Unbanked Daniel Gouldman shares his personal journey to success, the link between money printing and crypto growth, and how consumer protection shouldn’t impinge upon consumer rights, in the latest episode of Off the Ledger with Jason Butcher. 

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As a serial entrepreneur, Daniel’s approach to business is fuelled by a sense of purpose and a desire to give back, as well as a keen interest in geopolitics and history. In this week’s episode, Daniel begins by sharing his remarkable personal journey to success, shedding some light on how his early life has shaped his latest venture, Unbanked. And, Daniel’s definition of what it means to be “unbanked” might be somewhat unexpected. As he puts it:

“We have the choice to decide whether or not we want to be our own bank, or whether or not those banks are going to compete for our business…cryptocurrency – whether you’re dealing in BTC or digital dollars – cryptocurrency changes the dynamic around having to deal with a bank.”

Jason and Daniel share an interesting exchange on the precedent set by telco-based financial services in developing nations, and how crypto could be the next logical step to meeting the needs of the unbanked. Indeed, both agree that there is a potential future where we all choose to be unbanked, and that crypto can help all individuals (re)gain control over their own money.

The conversation shifts gears to address the role of crypto in mature financial systems today, with Daniel asserting that “cryptocurrencies create competition,” and that “BTC and cryptocurrencies have created hegemony for the U.S. dollar.” For Daniel, it’s clear that crypto is the future – both as a catalyst for market competition and as a foundational technology – and his rallying cry is a loud one:

“We have the opportunity as the United States, Canada, and other countries that are like-minded, to be the global hub of innovation for the future of money.”

And for all those in the crypto industry that are concerned about the current economy and inflation? Again, Daniel’s opinion and is clear and perhaps surprising to some:

“People who complain about Fed policy in the crypto world – it’s funny to me, because it’s actually crypto’s best friend.” 

The fact is, Daniel points out, the Fed policy to continue printing money directly benefits crypto, as people have more cash to invest in digital currencies. 

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