LENDERA (LEC): The Future of Profit Sharing


CREATION DATE:January, 2018

Lendera is one of the world’s first profit sharing multi-functional platforms. Its advanced system includes an exchange, a cryptocurrency launchpad, as well as many more advanced features. CoinPayments has successfully completed the integration into our platform, providing Lendera (LEC) payment processing capabilities for merchants to start accepting LEC payments in their stores.

This system is built to generate profits without being exposed to the full volatility of the industry. Understanding that trading bots do not win every trade, Lendera is built differently.

“The Digital Assets Market is unique and the decentralized distribution of contributors has created a demand for multiple online digital assets exchanges. Due to the decentralized nature of these exchanges, rates for digital assets pairs vary among the exchanges.” – The Lendera Braintrust

Part of what Lendera does is take advantage of these variances by buying through one exchange and selling through another, resulting in significant rewards on each trade.

The company is most focused on maintaining its long-term growth by delaying immediate profits and re-investing in the infrastructure. During the token distribution, Lendera collects 50% of the contributions to support the coin when it goes down, and slowly exchange it back.

How it Works?

Although many traditional and beginning contributors are uncomfortable with the new age of digital assets, many still do most of their transactions with credit and debit cards. Unlike with credit card transactions, all LEC token transactions are visible on the public ledger system, known as the blockchain. The blockchain provides transparency because anyone can verify these transactions.

The key of generating rewards in the Lendera ecosystem is the exchange rate appreciation. The more digital assets that go into leasing, the higher the value of the coin. Thus, the Lendera system and infrastructure aims to attract contributors to take advantage of their continuous and enticing leasing offers.

Lendera has chosen to make their digital asset supply unlimited to help with the inflation ratio, as well as to guarantee that the coins remains scalable over time.

Why Choose Lendera?

Lendera is making big waves in the profit sharing world.

The Lendera ecosystem is designed to ensure the steady rise of LEC’s token value. New digital assets are released gradually to maintain a scarce supply, as determined by increased demand. Thus, the scarcity of the digital assets remains intact.

As mentioned above, these factors, combined with Lendera’s staking services, will build the market and increase the LEC value over time. Additionally, scarce supply and contributor competition within their internal exchange to own and trade LEC tokens helps the market for the coins grow and increases profits.


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